Lotus flowers bloom on Taibai Lake

( 2022-07-07


On Jining's Taibai Lake, the lotus blossoms are in full bloom, offering a lovely atmosphere. The northernmost portion of Weishan Lake is called Taibai Lake in honor of Li Bai (also known as Li Taibai), a renowned romantic poet of the Tang Dynasty (618–907) who lived in Jining for 23 years. [Photo/Jining News]


Pink lotus blossoms sway in the gentle summer breeze on the Taibai Lake, emitting a pleasant aroma. [Photo/Jining News]


A rarely seen white lotus flower with splatters of pink. [Photo/Jining News]


A dragonfly stops for a break on a lotus leaf on Taibai Lake. [Photo/Jining News]


A bird's-eye view of Taibai Lake in Jining. The scenic area has launched special boat and bus routes for lotus blossom admirers. [Photo/Jining News]