Sun Chenglong: Pyrographing a colorful life

( 2022-01-17

There are Chinese painting techniques of delineating, drawing, spotting, dyeing, rubbing, and line drawing in traditional ink and brushs in each of Sun's pieces of artwork with various designs and colors. The tools that Sun uses include not only a soldering pen, but also pencils, screwdrivers, and utility knives.

A slight delicate fragrance is produced when drawing on gourds, which is what Sun enjoys the most. He integrates his drawing skills and insights with the gourd. His works are different in sizes and shapes, some of which are as small as a coin. It's hard to imagine how difficult it is to draw a flower, bird, fish, and insect on such a small gourd.


Gourd pyrography works created by Sun [Photo/] 

"Most of my creations are inspired by life. When I am free, I always go outside to seek inspiration. I will take photos of beautiful scenery as material for future creations," Sun said.

Sun has attended a variety of exhibitions and activities organized by the government to spread his artwork. He has received many awards for his artwork and is well-recognized in China, and even has collectors in Singapore, the United States and Canada. Sun also volunteers at primary schools and junior high schools to give presentations and teach classes on gourd pyrography and gourd culture to promote the spread of intangible cultural heritages. In 2020, Sun created a piece titled "Joint efforts to fight against COVID-19" as a gift to Wuhan.

"I will devote myself to gourd pyrography to carry forward the intangible cultural heritage as long as I can," Sun said firmly. There seems an indissoluble bond between Sun and gourd pyrography. He started it as a hobby, then developed it into career, and now Sun hopes to spread this art form around the world.

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