​Popular salty Jinan dishes

( 2021-07-29

Here are some popular salty Jinan dishes that are favourites in the city.

1. Jinan suguo

Suguo is a popular dish in Jinan and also a traditional dish for Spring Festival celebrations. The dish is braised with elbow bone, pork belly, chicken, fish, lotus root, kelp, tofu, and Chinese cabbage as raw materials.

Recommended shops: Li's Suguo, Meifeijiujia

2. Spiced Spanish mackerel fish

Spiced Spanish mackerel fish is a popular dish in Jinan and is an example of Shandong cuisine. The dish is red in color, with a tender, yet spicy taste.

Recommended shops: Luweizhai, Laopaifang

3. Jinan fermented black bean

Fermented black bean is a traditional fermented bean product seasoning. Using black beans or soybeans as the main raw material, fermented black beans are made by using mucor, aspergillus or bacterial protease to decompose soybean protein.

Recommended shop: Yu's Fermented Black Bean

4. Braised fish wrapped in lotus leaves

Braised fish wrapped in lotus leaves is a traditional Shandong dish. It was named by Emperor Qianlong (1711-99) in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) when he visited Daming Lake.

Recommended shops: Quancheng Snack Vendor, Jinanxiaoguan

5. Yuhuangmiao tofu skin

Yuhuangmiao tofu skin is one of the traditional specialties of Shanghe county in Jinan. It has been passed down by the people of Yuhuangmiao town for thousands of years. The tofu skin is as thin as paper and tastes delicious.

Recommended shop: Erni Tofu Shop in Xusi village, Yuhuangmiao town