Jinan snacks can be main courses and dishes

( 2021-05-20

Here are some snacks in Jinan that can be dishes and also main courses.

1.Braised chicken rice



Place a chicken drumstick into a clay pot with ingredients such as potatoes and green peppers and braise it for a while. Serve with a bowl of white rice.

Yang's Braised Chicken Rice, a massively popular Chinese chain restaurant, founded its first branch in California, United States in September 2017. The brand's most popular dish is the clay pot chicken and rice.

Today, Yang's Braised Chicken Rice has opened stores in countries including Australia, Japan, Singapore and Canada. There are more than 6,000 franchised stores in the world.

2.Caobao Baozi (Caobao steamed stuffed bun)


[Photo/WeChat account: shandonglibrary]

Caobao baozi, or Caobao steamed stuffed bun, is a kind of soup dumpling. The fresh baozi is soft, sweet and never greasy. For those who need to order takeout, wrap the dumpling with fresh green lotus leaves so that hot baozi will have a special fragrance.

Caobao Baozi Restaurant was founded in 1937. It is a China time-honored brand, Shandong time-honored brand and intangible cultural heritage in Jinan.

3.Changqing vegetarian bun


[Photo/WeChat account: CNS-SD]

Changqing vegetarian bun is made with marinated bean curd, vermicelli, spinach or cabbage, ground pepper, ginger, and sesame oil, and steamed. It is famous for its large size, thin filling and spicy taste. The Changqing vegetarian bun has been designated as an intangible cultural heritage item in Jinan.

4.Pianyifang fried dumpling



The fried dumpling of Pianyifang is made in an exquisite way. Use 80 dumpling wrappers per kilogram of flour and wrap them with fillings.

The Pianyifang Fried Dumpling Store in Jinan is founded by Zhang Yuexiang, a native of Tianjin in 1933. Its main dish is fried dumplings, which is a famous Jinan delicacy with 100 years of history.