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Over 1 billion yuan invested in Jining to boost connectivity| Updated: March 7, 2024

Jining convened a crucial session on March 1 aimed at advancing the construction of the Grand Canal National Trail. Experts and scholars from eight provinces and municipalities along the Grand Canal shared insights on guidelines and best practices for the project.

The initiative, with a proposed investment of 1.65 billion yuan ($229.20 million), aims to develop seven trail projects spanning 455 kilometers. The Grand Canal National Trail is expected to showcase historical, natural, and cultural treasures while promoting fitness and environmentally sustainable travel.

In recent years, Jining has made significant strides in preserving, inheriting, and utilizing the Grand Canal's heritage. The city has integrated the creation of a Grand Canal cultural tourism belt into its long-term development plans, demonstrating its commitment to cultural preservation and sustainable tourism.

Moving forward, Jining plans to meticulously design trail routes, secure project resources, and establish model projects to ensure the highest standards and quality in trail construction. Emphasizing innovation and collaboration, Jining seeks to leverage its rich historical and cultural resources to create an exemplary model for the entire Grand Canal.

The city's dedication to revitalizing the "Millennium Canal'' has been reaffirmed. The city pledges to adopt and adapt successful experiences and practices, contributing wholeheartedly to the realization of the Grand Canal National Trail.

Jining's investment and commitment signify a monumental step toward revitalizing the Grand Canal and fostering cultural exchange and sustainable development in the region.