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Jining embarks on high-quality development journey in 2024| Updated: March 1, 2024

Jining, on Feb 26, embraced the vigor of spring with the commencement of several major projects, setting sail for a year of high-quality development. With a focus on industrial rejuvenation, the city unveiled 70 projects, totaling an investment of 90.8 billion yuan ($12.62 billion), across advanced sectors like high-end equipment and cutting-edge materials.

A total of 183 projects with a total investment of 148.84 billion yuan received the green light. Among them, the Huafu Artificial Intelligence project, with a planned investment of 5 billion yuan, promises to enhance the city's development of AI technology.

Jining's strategic emphasis on industrial chain optimization has attracted attention by unveiling projects like the Guangda ultra-high voltage power grid intelligent green factory.

Beyond industry, Jining is enhancing its infrastructure and quality of life with projects such as green parking initiatives and advanced drainage systems, elevating urban living standards.

This commitment to high-quality development echoes the provincial mandate, as Jining pledges full adherence to governmental directives. The city's leadership vows to ensure swift progress on key projects, underpinning the province's overarching goal of robust economic advancement.

As Jining charts its course for 2024, the spirit of innovation and industriousness defines its trajectory, promising a year of transformative growth and prosperity. With determination and resolve, Jining strides forward into the dawn of a new era in regional development.