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Shandong excels at green and low-carbon development

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: November 9, 2023

Shandong's Jining High-tech Zone is setting a shining example of green and low-carbon practices. Recently, the zone showcased its success in river management, restoration, and creation of a pristine green riverbank environment.


An aerial view of Jining High-tech Zone in the city of Jining, located in southwest Shandong province. [Photo/WeChat account: jngjgxq]

This achievement comes as part of Shandong's efforts to establish a pilot zone for green and low-carbon high-quality development. With this milestone, China is taking a significant step towards achieving its "dual carbon" goals.

The province has made the conversion of growth drivers a top priority, specifically by prioritizing industrial upgrades. By adjusting and transforming traditional pillar industries and heavy chemical industries, Shandong is leading them towards green, advanced, and smart development.

Additionally, Shandong has cultivated new industries and developed its digital economy. This has not only benefited these sectors but has also encouraged other industries to move in a similar direction, ultimately contributing to a more complete, efficient, and sustainable industrial structure.

Reform and innovation are fundamental driving forces in Shandong. Over the past five years, the province has consistently ranked among the top in terms of technological innovations in various fields, such as intelligent transportation, fine chemical engineering, and fuel cells. These innovations align with the province's commitment to continuous high-quality development.