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Lotus blossoms grace Weishan Lake| Updated: July 3, 2023

In the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, lotus flowers have long been revered as symbols of purity and grace. Throughout history, these exquisite blooms have captured the hearts of people, inspiring awe and admiration.

In its graceful tradition, an enchanting spectacle has unfolded in Weishan county's Weishan Lake - located in Jining city in East China's Shandong province - as the first wave of elegant lotus blossoms emerges. 

As far as the eye can behold, a breathtaking expanse of lotus flowers sways in the gentle breeze, their movements akin to a mesmerizing dance. Like strokes on an artist's canvas, they create an ethereal scene that evokes the splendor of a picturesque landscape.

These delicate lotus leaves, intricately intertwined, cradle the pure white or blush pink petals with utmost tenderness. Stepping into this hidden sanctuary of lotus blossoms feels like entering a realm untouched by time. 

Some flowers have fully unfurled, proudly displaying their unique forms, while others remain as buds, evoking an irresistible allure, hinting at the secrets they hold within.


An idyllic bird's-eye view of Weishan Lake. [Photo/Jining News]


Lotus blossoms flower at Weishan Lake. [Photo/Jining News]


A boat navigates through the lush lotus leaves. [Photo/Jining News]