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13th Shandong Fitness Games kicks off in Jining

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: April 25, 2023

With the sounds of energetic melodies and distinctive performers dressed in hanfu, a traditional Chinese garment, the 13th Shandong Fitness Games opened in Jining on April 23, beckoning residents of all echelons to partake in the vastly acclaimed affair.

By fostering a three-tier cooperation among provincial, municipal, and county divisions, the games are slated to present 58 provincial-level contests unfolding in Jining and assorted districts throughout Shandong. Aspiring to boost community involvement, each city and county will coordinate their distinct fitness events.

Authorities from the Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau extolled the event's importance, proudly alluding to its 12-year trajectory and the over four million participants it attracts annually. As the flagship event for public fitness in the province, the 13th Shandong Fitness Games strives to epitomize the nation's commitment to public health and fitness.

In an effort to captivate the grassroots, this year's festivities will inaugurate a community sports segment, fusing online and offline schemes to render the competitions more accessible, as well as to enhance individuals' well-being and contentment.

Running from April through October, the games will encompass 11 sporting spectacles across diverse fields, including gateball, hacky sack, and aero-modeling. The closing ceremony, which will be held in October, symbolizes the conclusion of a significant moment in Shandong province's athletic campaign.

With the game billed as a catalyst for promoting high-quality sports development across Shandong, Jining, invigorated by hosting the games, aspires to amplify its inhabitants' zeal for athletics and foster passion for public fitness.


The 13th Shandong Fitness Games kicks off in Jining on April 23. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_ccfd1293bad8]