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Smart technology makes fish farming easier| Updated: September 20, 2022


Smart technologies are used in Wei Liangzhen's fish breeding plant. [Photo/Dazhong Daily]

When traditional fish breeding farmers are busy working onsite during September and October, which are the golden months for fish farming, Wei Liangzhen is relaxing in the comfort of his home and monitoring his fish ponds with a mobile app on his smart phone.

The smart fish cultivation project in Shimenshan town in Jining, which Wei is in charge of, uses intelligent devices and advanced technologies.

The mobile app on his phone updates him with the latest levels of dissolved oxygen, pH values, water temperatures and other data.

"If abnormal data is detected, I can make adjustments with my phone," Wei said.

In his breeding plant, fish are cultivated in 1.7-meter-high vats, and each produces more than 5,000 kilograms of fish.

"Half of the vat is buried underground with the bottom tapering off, so that the fish feces is easy to filter out," Wei said.

He explained that the pollutants are automatically pumped out and the slop can be recycled after being purified.

"The excretion is collected and delivered to surrounding farms as fertilizer," Wei added.

The project mainly produces perch and mandarin fish. During one cultivation period, its output totals 6,250 kg of fish and generates a net profit of more than 600,000 yuan ($85,560).

"We plan to share our technologies and experiences free of charge to surrounding villagers who would like to breed fish, so as to help them live a better life," Wei said.