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Taibai Lake welcomes tourists with new look

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: August 11, 2022

Jining's Taibai Lake scenic area has completed the comprehensive renovation of its sightseeing platform, cruise wharf, green landscape and other structures, welcoming tourists with a brand new look.

On the lake, 74 different varieties of water lilies and 67 different species of lotuses are blooming in August. Three cruise ships have docked in the scenic location so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful surroundings while listening to the melodies of a qin (a stringed instrument) while aboard the ships. 

The beautiful location also intends to introduce nighttime light displays to enhance the travel experience for tourists.


An ancient Chinese-style cruise ship sails across Taibai Lake in Jining. [Photo/Jining News]

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The upgraded sightseeing platform at Taibai Lake offers plenty of space and shade. [Photo/Jining News]