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Jining's Weishan Lake receives national 5A-level scenic area ranking| Updated: July 20, 2022


Weishan Lake, spaning 76.78 square kilometers, is the largest freshwater lake in North China. [Photo/Jining Fabu]

Weishan Lake scenic area in Jining, East China's Shandong province, was rated as a national 5A-level tourist attraction, according to a notice released on July 15 on the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. 

To date, the number of national 5A-level tourist attractions in Shandong amounts to 14.

Weishan Lake scenic area is located in Weishan county in the southern area of Jining. It spans 76.78 square kilometers and includes Weishan Island, the Weishan section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and Weishan Lake National Wetland Park.

The lake is the largest freshwater lake in North China, boasting enchanting natural scenery and rich resources, including mountains, islands, forests, lakes, wetlands. It is home to 294 varieties of birds, 78 varieties of fish, and 74 kinds of cash aquatic plants.

Hailed as the "capital of lotuses in China" and a "water town in North China", Weishan Lake has over 66.7 hectares of lotuses on the water's surface.

In summer, red and white lotus flowers bloom profusely, and the lake is heavily carpeted with luscious lotus leaves, creating a magnificent view.

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Weishan Lake is hailed as the "capital of lotuses in China". [Photo by Liu Yun/Jining Fabu]


Fishermen row their fishing boats across Weishan Lake. [Photo/Jining Fabu]