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Magnificent sea of clouds cover Yishan Mountain

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: July 14, 2022

Due to multiple bouts of rain recently, a magnificent sea of clouds drifted over Yishan Mountain in Jining, creating awe-inspiring scenes and evoking expressions of wonder.


Awe-inspiring scenes appear after days of rain in Yishan Mountain in Jining. [Photo/Yishan Mountain scenic area]

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Clouds and mist drift over Yishan Mountain, turning the scenic area into a fairyland. [Photo/Yishan Mountain scenic area]

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The Yishan Mountain is graced by a sea of clouds and a stunning sunrise. [Photo/Yishan Mountain scenic area]

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Yishan Mountain is located in the southeast area of Zoucheng, a county-level city in Jining. The mountain stands 582 meters above sea level and was formed about 2.5 billion years ago. It was considered to be among the nine famous historic and cultural mountains in ancient China. Many historic figures, including Confucius, Mencius, the first Chinese emperor Qinshihuang, and poets Li Bai and Du Fu, visited the mountain and left a total of more than 300 carved stones and stone tablets on the cliffs of the mountain. [Photo/Yishan Mountain scenic area]