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Appreciate lotuses on Weishan Lake| Updated: June 10, 2022


Weishan county in Jining is hailed as the "capital of lotuses in China". [Photo/Dazhong Daily]

Weishan Lake Ecological Lotus Park is located in Jining, Shandong province, north of Weishan Island and south of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. 

It has a lotus pond that stretches over 1,000 mu (66.7 hectares) and creates a mixture of lotuses, fishing, and water culture. 

The wild lotuses have been flourishing in this lake since the late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and early Qing Dynasty (1368-1644). 

In summer, red and white lotus flowers bloom profusely, and the lake is heavily carpeted with luscious lotus leaves. The largest lotus leaf measures about 1.3 meters in diameter. 


Villagers row through thick lotuses on Weishan Lake in Jining. [Photo/Dazhong Daily]

The park's wild lotus nature has been beautifully preserved, while willows, bridges, pavilions, and boat rides enhance the view and contribute to the site's charm. 

Tourists can take a stroll along the 300-meter corridor across the pond to enjoy the summer breeze scented with lotus flowers and leaves, or stand on the 600-square-meter pavilions to admire a pastoral scene of endless lotuses spreading across glistening water with birds flying overhead in the glow of the sunrise. 


A sunset view of Weishandao town in Jining [Photo/Jining News]