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High-tech enterprises spreading wings in Jining

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: June 9, 2022


An employee works in a Yongsheng Heavy Industry factory in Jining. [Photo/Jining News]

Seven Jining-based enterprises made the 2022 list of technological innovation demonstration enterprises in Shandong province, which was released by the provincial industry and information technology department on June 7.

After a professional evaluation, the short-listed enterprises covering equipment manufacturing, new materials, automobile parts and micro-electronics, are believed to have strong innovation capacities, and have shown outstanding performance in industrial development. They also boast key technologies and are expected to play a leading role in promoting local innovation-driven growth.


An aerial view of high-tech industrial plants in Jining [Photo/Jining News]

High-tech enterprises have seen a rapid growth over the past three years, with the total number increasing from 400 to 938. In 2021, there were 324 newly registered high-tech enterprises in Jining, ranking first among cities in Shandong.

In recent years, the Jining government has been working to optimize a cultivation system for innovative enterprises, with the aim of boosting the city's sci-tech innovation power.

A series of supporting policies have been released to help high-tech enterprises develop. In 2021, the Jining government granted subsidies and awards totaling 23.1 million yuan ($3.46 million) to these companies.


Jining is home to the China-South Korea High-end Equipment Industrial Park. [Photo/Jining News]