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Seed industry development boosts Jining's rural vitalization| Updated: May 24, 2022

Jiaxiang county in Jining aims to promote its soybean seed brand and gives full support to seed enterprise to bolster its rural vitalization efforts. It views the seed industry as central to the high-development of its agricultural industries, as well as an important pillar for its industrial revitalization efforts.

Jiaxiang's soybean industry is currently thriving. At present, Jiaxiang county has built a soybean breeding base, covering an area of 180,000 mu (120 million square meters), with an annual breeding and production capacity of 75 million kilograms, ensuring soybean seed supply in the areas of the lower reaches of the Yellow River, north of the Huaihe River, as well as the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

Jiaxiang county has been awarded as "the first national regional soybean seed breeding base" and a "national scientific and technological seed production base".

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The area of the soybean seed breeding base in Jiaxiang is constantly increasing. [Photo/]

It has actively explored a new cooperative mode among the local government, seed enterprises, and research institutes to carry out cooperation on seed variety cultivation, base construction, quality control, and technology integration, which has effectively enhanced the research and development capabilities of local seed enterprises. 

There are diversified R&D platforms in Jiaxiang county, such as a national seed laboratory, a national soybean innovation center, a soybean seed industry research institute, a Shengfeng academician workstation, and a postdoctoral research workstation.

In 2021, Jiaxiang county received approval to establish the National Modern Agriculture (Soybean) Industrial Park, further promoting the development of the local soybean seed industry.

Covering an area of 97.5 square kilometers, this industrial park has attracted 16 seed enterprises, which are encouraged to strengthen R&D cooperation and resources sharing. The park also supports the establishment of a seed industry alliance. It will also build large-scale, standardized, intensive, mechanized, and information-based breeding bases for improved varieties of seeds.

Jiaxiang seed enterprises have registered 27 soybean trademarks in total and cultivated a series of superior varieties with high yield. Notably, a new variety named “No 5 Master Soybean” had a yield of 320.5 kg per mu, setting a new record for soybean yield per unit in the areas of the lower reaches of Yellow River and north of Huaihe River.

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Jiaxiang's seed enterprises attend the National Seed Information & Products Fair. [Photo/]