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Incentive talent policies to be reformed

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: December 24, 2020

Improving personnel management

A personnel quota pool will be launched to help those government-affiliated institutions without vacant personnel quotas that plan to bring in high-end talents and senior professionals above municipal level or PhD holders to apply for extra quotas from the pool.

High-level retired professionals from municipal government-affiliated institutions can be hired to give full play to their expertise.

Optimizing fund management

The power to adjust the budget of the direct cost of financial research projects is to be fully delegated to the project operator.

A "contract system" for the use of funds for financial research projects will be implemented in pilot projects.

Financial research projects will be funded by a pilot contract system.

The detailed rules for project management and funds utilization formulated by universities and scientific research institutes can be used as references for project acceptance and fund audits.

Reforming talent evaluation

Pilot measures will be carried out to support enterprises selected from the top 10 industries.

Professionals recommended by experts will ensure entry in municipal talent programs.

An evaluation mechanism of the growth indexes of talents' start-up enterprises will be set up and the results will be a key reference for them to gain support.

The implementation of the grassroots professional title system featuring targeted evaluation and use will be sped up to guide professionals to take root and make contributions at grassroots levels.

Perfecting talent incentives

The mechanism for the normal adjustment of the wages of government-affiliated institutions will be improved and more efforts will be made to increase incentives through performance-based pay.

Employers shall implement an annual salary system, an agreement-based salary system and a project-based salary system to attract high-level talents.

Scientific researchers are allowed to obtain part-time income according to law, which can be excluded in the management of their employers’ total performance-based pay.

A points-based management system will be launched to evaluate the experts and talents’ services at the grassroots level.