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Jining makes new breakthroughs in economic and social development (II)

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: December 17, 2020

Opening up development


[Photo/Dazhong Daily]

The application for the construction of Jining high-tech bonded logistics center (type B) was approved by Shandong Provincial People's Government. The Jining (Jinxiang) inland port has opened and is operating. Jining has been approved as one of the first batch of pilot cities in China for used car export business.

Last year, the city achieved total import and export value of 46.18 billion yuan. The value of exports increased by 28.8 percent, with exports to countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) growing at a rapid pace, driven by the Yanzhou (Yanzhou-Europe) block train. The effective amount of foreign investment doubled to $440 million.

Jining has built a Qufu excellent traditional culture inheritance and development demonstration zone, started a three-year plan for supporting enhancement project of Nishan Forum on World Civilizations, held the 2020 China (Qufu) International Confucius Cultural Festival (Nishan Forum on World Civilizations), inaugurated the Nishan World Confucianism Center, opened the Confucius Museum, and started construction of the Road to Revival cultural and technological project.

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