Luyuan Town in Qufu captivates media expats

(| Updated : 2024-07-10

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Located in the second phase of Nishan Sacred Land, Luyuan Town beckons visitors with its tranquil charm, like a hidden utopia.

Located just 25 kilometers from Qufu, Shandong, the town captivated media expats on July 10, offering an immersive cultural experience that seamlessly blends traditional heritage with modern advancements.

Stepping into a VR experience hall, visitors are transported into the realm of ancient etiquette, where they can engage in interactive learning experiences. Meanwhile, the New Model Experience Hall transforms ancient chariot driving techniques into thrilling challenges, providing a glimpse into the past.

A traditional Chinese medicine culture experience hall also pulsates with activity, showcasing the profound wisdom of TCM and offering pulse diagnosis services.


A vast collection of traditional Chinese medicine products and brands are on display in the exhibition hall. [Photo/Dazhong News]

For those seeking a moment of respite, the town's inviting cafes provide a haven for relaxation and refreshment.