Yantai company spearheads wind power innovation

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2024-06-21

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Wind turbine blades are a crucial component of wind power generation, transforming the power of the wind into mechanical energy. These marvels of engineering are typically crafted from multiple layers of composite materials, harnessing the strength and resilience needed to withstand the elements.

Among the trailblazers in wind turbine blade technology is Dongfang Electric Wind Power (Shandong) Co Ltd. In 2023, the company unveiled its groundbreaking B1260A wind turbine blade, stretching an impressive 126 meters in length. Designed for 18 megawatt (18MW) offshore wind turbines, this remarkable blade held the title of the world's longest at the time.


B1260A wind turbine blades are tested to ensure safety and reliability. [Photo/Dazhong News]

A single offshore wind turbine can generate an average of 72 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, sufficient to meet the annual electricity needs of approximately 36,000 households. Moreover, it can reduce coal consumption by over 22,000 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by over 59,000 metric tons per year.

On June 5th, the first 18-megawatt semi-direct drive high-power offshore wind turbine, independently developed by the company, was successfully installed in Shantou, Guangdong province. This marks a significant milestone, as it represents the highest power rating among currently installed offshore wind power equipment worldwide.

Yantai Port Group Penglai Port Co Ltd specializes in the transportation of bulk cargo such as timber, wind power equipment, automobiles, coal, and construction materials.

The company chose Penglai Port as its base due to its strategic location, excellent facilities, comprehensive and attentive service ethos, and strong technical capabilities.