Youngsters immerse themselves in intangible cultural heritage in Weifang

(| Updated : 2024-06-11

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On June 8, coinciding with both the Dragon Boat Festival holiday and China's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, a grand opening ceremony marked the commencement of the Weifang youth intangible cultural heritage (ICH) study tour in Jiangzhuang town, Weifang. Led by their parents, elementary school students embarked on an ICH study tour to delve into local ICH culture and experience its captivating charm.

In recent years, Jiangzhuang town has capitalized on its rich ICH heritage, adopting a preservation, inheritance, and utilization approach.

By revamping the Weifang Youth ICH Inheritance Base and production-study-research practice bases, the town has greatly enriched its tourism offerings, including study tours and folk custom tours, and promoted the in-depth integration of agriculture, culture, and tourism.

The young participants are captivated by intricate dough modeling artworks. [Photo by Li Haitao for]

A clay figurine inheritor teaches children how to color clay figurines. [Photo by Li Haitao for]

An ICH inheritor demonstrates the process of creating woodblock paintings to fascinated children. [Photo by Li Haitao for]