Shandong artifacts debut in Hong Kong

(Xinhua)| Updated : 2024-06-04

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Artifacts from Shandong province are on show at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Center. Visitors appreciate the exhibits on May 28. WANG SHEN/XINHUA

Around 200 pieces of artifacts from East China's Shandong province are on display for the first time in Hong Kong from May 28.

Through a parallel display of major archaeological discoveries made in Hong Kong and Shandong, respectively, dating to three historical periods, the exhibition sheds light on the similarities between the two local cultures, as well as the pluralistic integration of ancient Chinese civilization, says Bernadette Linn, secretary for development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government at the opening ceremony.

Exhibits from Shandong include an eggshell black pottery high-stem cup with perforations that represent the pinnacle of Chinese prehistoric pottery craftsmanship, as well as a red pottery tripod pitcher with bag-shaped legs representative of prehistoric Shandong culture.

The artifacts chronicle the development of Shandong culture from the Neolithic period to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Also on display are artifacts unearthed in Hong Kong, including a stringed stone ornament set, quartz rings and a perforated pottery basin with an incised wave pattern.

The exhibition is being held at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Center until Oct 6.

One of the 200 pieces from Shandong. WANG SHEN/XINHUA