Shandong forges ahead with green, low-carbon, high-quality development

(| Updated : 2024-05-31

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Shandong province is making significant strides in establishing a modern industrial system and fostering green, low-carbon, high-quality development. These efforts are transforming the province into a regional innovation hub and pioneer in sustainable economic growth.

Shandong is committed to technological self-reliance and self-improvement, and is positioning itself as a national center for innovation and source of technological breakthroughs. Core technologies have already achieved significant advancements, and efforts are underway to bridge the gap between research, academia, industry, and application. This has fostered a thriving ecosystem of high-growth enterprises, with over 45,000 science and technology-based SMEs operating in the province.

Shandong is actively constructing a modern industrial system, revitalizing traditional industries while implementing major adjustments to production force layouts. It is also nurturing emerging industries, focusing on 32 provincial and above strategic emerging industrial clusters. Additionally, it is making proactive investments in future industries, with a particular focus on areas like the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and aerospace exploration.

Shandong is committed to building a new energy system. It is accelerating the development of new and renewable energy sources, while simultaneously initiating the transformation and upgrading of the provincial coal power industry.

It is also continuing to deepen reform and opening-up further to the outside world. The province is actively implementing policies that benefit enterprises, adhering to the principle of "opening up to gather resources and invigorate vitality". It is also actively participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, further expanding its global reach and fostering international cooperation.

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At a textile company based in Qingdao, Shandong province, workers produce high-end fibers on the spinning production line. [Photo/IC]