Weichai unveils world's 1st diesel engine with 53.09% thermal efficiency

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2024-04-20

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The 53.09 percent thermal efficiency diesel engine is unveiled at the 2024 World Congress on Internal Combustion Engine. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The 2024 World Congress on Internal Combustion Engine opened in Tianjin on April 20.

The conference witnessed the debut of the world's first commercialized diesel engine with a record-breaking base engine thermal efficiency of 53.09 percent, which was manufactured by Weichai Power. This new-generation engine will increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, marking Weichai's future contribution to green, low-carbon, and high-quality development.

At the launch ceremony, representatives of North Asia region of TUV SUD and China Automotive Technology and Research Center respectively awarded the test report and test certificate of the thermal efficiency breakthrough of 53 percent to Weichai Power.

Since 2015, Weichai Power has established a high thermal efficiency engine research team composed of hundreds of young doctors and thousands of engineers. Relying on the national key laboratory of internal combustion engine and power system, with the support of the national key research and development plan, Weichai Power has linked up with the strongest brains at home and abroad and industry-university research partners to carry out technical research on efficient combustion, low resistance and low loss.

On Sept 16, 2020, Weichai Power released the world's first diesel engine with bulk thermal efficiency of 50.23 percent. On Jan 8, 2022, the thermal efficiency was again increased to 51.09 percent. On Nov 20, 2022, it was once again raised to 52.28 percent, breaking the limit for the third time and leading the technology upgrade of the global internal combustion engine industry.