Weifang nurtures talent to empower new quality productive forces

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2024-04-16

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Weifang, located in East China's Shandong province, is home to numerous thriving industries, including Himile Group Co Ltd, Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co Ltd, and Weichai Group. These companies have all achieved remarkable success by prioritizing sci-tech innovation and talent cultivation.

Established in 1995, Himile Group Co Ltd has evolved into an enterprise recognized as a single-product champion in manufacturing. Its businesses span tire molds, high-end mechanical component processing, oil and gas equipment, chemical equipment, and chemicals. The company's technical expert, Wang Qinfeng, has made over 60 process improvements, designed over 20 pieces of specialized equipment and measuring tools, and filled several domestic technology gaps.

"We are committed to fostering the deep integration of markets, products, technology, management mechanisms, and cultural values," said Tang Lixing, Himile Group's chairman. "By leveraging our strengths in independent innovation and full-industry chain manufacturing, we are making efforts to nurture a diverse talent pool for the development of new quality productive forces." In 2023, Himile Group received 429,800 innovation improvement proposals, involving over 20,000 participants.

Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co Ltd is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D of magnetic levitation energy-saving technology.

Magnetic levitation can be used for dozens of types of high-efficiency energy-saving equipment. The company has already industrialized seven industries and is researching 11 more. These products are widely used in high-energy-consuming industries such as cement, papermaking, sewage treatment, and steel, with an average energy savings rate of 30 percent.

The company's development is driven by its innovative team, which attracts over 100 highly educated graduates annually to focus on the R&D of magnetic levitation technology and its applications in sub-industries.

Since 2022, Weichai Group has remained committed to its core business while strengthening its independent innovation capabilities. The company has deepened its research into original, cutting-edge, and disruptive technologies, achieving a slew of landmark technological innovations. Over the past two years, its cumulative R&D investment has reached 17 billion yuan ($2.3 billion). In 2023, its core technical experts accounted for 82 percent of its workforce. Technological innovation has become the primary driver of the company's high-quality development.

In addition to attracting and nurturing talent in key technologies, Weifang is also planning to establish a scientific and technological innovation cluster around leading industries and the economic characteristics of county-level jurisdictions. This initiative aims to foster a collaborative environment that propels industrial innovation and development.

With a love for learning while working, Wang Qinfeng designed the "Sintering Proof Circuit", which solved problems related to EDM machines and made Himile EMD technology state of the art in the industry. [Photo by Liu Chuan/chinadaily.com.cn]

Photos of Himile Group's engraving machines and EDM machines are on display at its exhibition hall. [Photo by Liu Chuan/chinadaily.com.cn]

The maglev turbine vacuum pump, an innovative achievement from Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co Ltd. [Photo by Liu Chuan/chinadaily.com.cn]