Intl students experience TCM culture in Zibo

(| Updated : 2024-03-22

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More than 30 international students from Shandong University of Science and Technology visited Qiai Cultural Industry Park in Zichuan district and took part in a series of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) experience activities recently in the city of Zibo in Shandong.


Zibo in Shandong province launches a cultural event that serves as a platform for international students to experience TCM. [Photo provided to]

The international students explored over a hundred varieties of Chinese medicinal herbs grown in the industrial park with the help of a guide from the TCM culture museum. They also learned about TCM culture, TCM health preservation, and herbal tea. Additionally, they had the opportunity to personally make their own sachets.

"This experience has given me a basic understanding of TCM and inspired me to explore traditional Chinese culture more in the future," said an international student at Shandong University of Science and Technology.

The activity helps international students adapt to life in China, enhances social integration, and gives foreign students a positive impression of China, helping both the university and the local community.

The international students try their hands at making TCM sachets. [Photo provided to]

The event teaches the students the importance of TCM. [Photo provided to]