Linqing Dragon Lantern fuses tradition and innovation

(| Updated : 2024-02-09

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Ever seen a lantern that cannot be blown out by the wind? If not, take a look at the Linqing Dragon Lantern – a cherished tradition and an intangible cultural heritage item in Shandong. The lantern is also involved in a captivating dragon dance performance unique to the region. 

What sets this dragon apart is the "lantern" inside its body, also known as "Huonianzi" or spark.  Lit during the nighttime performance and delicately inserted into the dragon's joints, it radiates light throughout the dragon's body, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

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People perform dragon dancing in Linqing, Shandong province. [Photo/WeChat account: lcwhhlyj]


A foreigner learns techniques of making dragon lantern. [Photo/WeChat account: lcwhhlyj]

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