Shandong kicks off rural culture and tourism festival

(| Updated : 2024-01-18

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In a bid to embrace the vision for rural vitalization, Shandong announces the beginning of rural culture and tourism festival on Jan 18. 

Themed to celebrate the New Year in villages, the festival unfolds in three dynamic phases from Jan 18 to March 11.


The festival begins on Jan 18. [Photo provided to]

Phase one (Jan 18 - Feb 2):

Many villages in Shandong, if not all, welcome the New Year with a great show,  which kicks off with the 2024 Shandong New Year gala. Sixteen provincial cities collaborate for a series of events, blending online and offline activities. Local festive products will also be showcased to echo the call to buy Shandong goods for the Lunar New Year.


The festival is celebrated across the province. [Photo provided to]

Phase two (Feb 3 - Feb 17):

Returning to the village for the New Year fosters a warm atmosphere with unique folk activities. Residents capture the festive spirit through short videos and photography contests.


Actors perform outdoors. [Photo provided to]

Phase three (Feb 18 - March 11):

More activities in the village usher in new vitality such as village concert, grand chorus and Lantern Festival celebrations.

Beyond the festivities, Shandong showcases its cultural richness, from Jinan's lively drum performances to Weifang's captivating dragon kites. Concurrently, the province invites all to experience its charm with discounted entry to public venues and special offers from local businesses.

This festival harmoniously blends tradition and innovation, transforming Shandong into a cultural haven. Don't miss the chance to explore the heart and soul of Shandong during this festive season.


The festival will also promote New Year products. [Photo provided to]


People gather to make New Year orders in Jinan, the capitol of Shandong province. [Photo provided to]