Harvest beyond boundaries in Shandong

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2024-01-08

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Shandong, as China's agricultural powerhouse, has set a new record with 113.11 billion kilograms of grain production in 2023. 

This unprecedented achievement, showcasing a 2.0 percent year-on-year growth, contributes significantly to the nation's grain increments, emphasizing the province's pivotal role in ensuring stable and substantial food supplies.

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Agricultural equipment vehicles run on the road sided by soils in Shandong province. [Photo/WeChat account: shandongfabu]

This success is the fruit of multiple initiatives. The prioritized rural vitalization, leading to not only historic highs in grain production but also robust rural industry growth, increased farmer income, and social stability.

Fertile lands, efficient mechanized operations, and advanced agricultural techniques, coupled with sustainable practices like returning straw to fields, form the foundation for this agricultural triumph.

Furthermore, the province is not just reaping the rewards from traditional agriculture. Industries such as pomegranate cultivation and bonsai production have become a key supplement of the local economy, creating a holistic ecosystem that supports farmers' income growth.

Looking ahead, Shandong is committed to sustaining this momentum, emphasizing the importance of organizational support, technological innovation, and collaborative initiatives. The province envisions a rural vitalization with distinctive industries, emerging talents, cultural prosperity, ecological beauty, and resilient organizational strength. The province's agricultural triumph is not just a record-breaking feat; it's a testament to strategic planning and a step ahead for a prosperous future.