Shandong establishes strong agricultural branding

(| Updated : 2023-12-08

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Shandong province is placing significant emphasis on establishing a modern agricultural standardization system to boost the reputation of its agricultural brands.

The province currently has 81 well-known regional agricultural brands, and 700 enterprise product brands. Furthermore, a batch of brands from the province has been included in the national agricultural brand catalog and boutique agricultural brand cultivation plan.

Zoucheng mushroom, one of the "Remarkable Shandong" brands, accounts for approximately one-seventh of the national fresh mushroom production. Its industrial chain generates an output value exceeding 3.5 billion yuan ($488.14 million), and the brand itself is valued at 2.05 billion yuan. These achievements are attributed to Shandong province's approach to stimulating industrial revitalization through standardization.

Specifically, Zoucheng has developed a comprehensive set of 24 standards, which provides a preliminary framework for mushroom cultivation.

The city is striving to enhance the mushroom industry chain by implementing standardized practices. It has established a platform for innovative standardization, developed a system for demonstrating and promoting standardization, and is actively promoting its standardized modes in industrial development throughout the country.

Shandong's agricultural sectors have primarily contributed to developing national, local, and association standards that span the entire agricultural production process.

The province has set up 323 national-level agricultural standardization demonstration zones, 331 provincial-level pilots, a national base for agricultural technology standard innovation, and nine regional platforms for agricultural standardization services and promotion. These initiatives have resulted in a wide range of standardized production models in the province.