Angry Birds founder visits Zibo High-Tech Zone

(| Updated : 2023-04-25

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Peter Vesterbacka puts his hands up to answer a question during a class in the Zibo High tech Zone. [Photo provided to]

Renowned entrepreneur and creator of popular Finnish mobile game Angry Birds, Peter Vesterbacka, paid a visit on April 13 to the Zibo High-Tech Zone – located in Zibo city, in East China's Shandong province – where he participated in a series of engaging activities.

During his visit, he first stopped by the China Textbook Museum and delved into the development history of the textbooks, in the process being amazed by the first textbook reading materials dating back to 1745.

There, Vesterbacka also explored the differences between the Finnish and Chinese education systems.

As a true cultural enthusiast, he was impressed with the intangible cultural heritage courses offered by the museum and said he was deeply moved by the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

Later on, Vesterbacka visited Rhein-Koster Intelligent Technology Co Ltd and had discussions with the company's leaders on the latest advancements in digitalization and the Industrial Internet.

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Peter Vesterbacka visits Rhein-Koster Intelligent Technology Co Ltd. [Photo provided to]

Together, they explored the unique advantages and development achievements of vocational education in China, Finland and Germany. This exchange of ideas allowed for valuable insights and knowledge sharing among industry leaders.

Check out this video to learn more about Vesterbacka's visit:

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