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(| Updated : 2023-04-10

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The 2023 HighGo Open World (HOW) gets underway in Shandong province on April 7, attracting nearly 800 academicians, experts, and company representatives. [Photo provided to]

The 2023 HighGo Open World (HOW) was held in Shandong province on April 7, attracting nearly 800 academicians, experts, and representatives from companies to interpret the development trend of the database industry and develop HOW.

The database industry has broad market prospects and great potential, said Shi Qingjun, senior vice-president of Inspur Group, China's leading cloud computing company, which is based in Jinan. Shi added that the group invested in HighGo in October 2022 because it is a company focused on research and development, opening-up and innovation.

According to Miao Jian, founder of HighGo, the company was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Jinan. Based on customers' core needs, the company has built a full-coverage service network and plans to bolster its efforts to explore new innovations based on the big platform Inspur Group.

Databases are key to digital economy. While promoting innovation in database technology, HighGo has also utilized industrial upgrading through methods like joint development by combining the upstream and downstream sectors such as complete machine, chip and software developers, Miao said.

To date, the HighGo database has cooperated with more than 5,000 application partners and has adapted to nearly 60,000 applications covering over 20 sectors like finance, transportation, and energy, Miao added.

Ivory SQL, an open-source community, and other new products such as the company version of the HighGo database were launched at the event to further strengthen the product system of the HighGo full-stack database, broaden the scope of data full life cycle management, and ad innovative tools to the database industry.

The event also included three sub-forums about government, industry, and database technology, a summit on infrastructure software capital, and an interactive exhibition area to showcase and popularize database products.


Attendees learn about database products at an interactive exhibition area at the 2023 HighGo Open World. [Photo provided to]