Explore Shandong on high-speed trains

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2023-03-17

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The high-speed train named "Traveling around Shandong along the century-old Qingdao-Jinan railway" made its maiden trip on March 16 from Jinan West Railway Station.

Each of the Fuxing bullet train's 16 compartments has been decorated with intangible cultural heritage items, renowned agricultural products, as well as other cultural and tourism elements of Shandong's 16 cities.

Over 10 folk artists staged performances, including Shandong kuaishu, a traditional Chinese storytelling art that originated in Shandong province more than 200 years ago, and Shandong Qinshu, a traditional narrative music form that emphasizes a conversational style of singing.

The opening of the high-speed railway traveling around Shandong will provide more convenience for tourists and will greatly promote the recovery of tourism in Shandong, said officials from the provincial department of culture and tourism.

The railway department has also rolled out the sales of "high-speed rail + hotel + scenic spot" package tickets.

After purchasing the package tickets, tourists can make reservations to take the loop train multiple times within the jurisdiction of China Railway Jinan Group within five days to visit relevant scenic spots in Shandong.

Shandong province is ramping up efforts to build four cultural corridors along the Yellow River, the Grand Canal, the Great Wall of Qi, and the Huanghai and Bohai seas, as well as one cultural experience route along the Qingdao-Jinan high-speed railway to boost the region's economic and social development and its cultural tourism industry.