Shandong boasts booming grain industry

(| Updated : 2023-03-17

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A harvester gathers wheat grown on salt-affected land in Lijin county, Dongying, Shandong province, in June, 2022. [Photo/China Daily]

As a major agricultural province in China, Shandong has been working hard to secure a bumper harvest to ensure the food supply of the Chinese people.

In 2022, the total industrial output value of the grain industry in Shandong exceeded 500 billion yuan ($72.77 billion), accounting for more than one eighth of the total national output value, local officials announced at a recent news conference.

Shandong boasts a large-scale grain industry with a number of competitive companies and renowned brands.

In 2022, local grain enterprises purchased 99.09 million metric tons of grain, while 85.23 million tons of grain were processed.

There are 1,415 enterprises included in the economic statistics of the grain industry, with six agricultural enterprises with annual sales revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan and 30 enterprises with annual sales revenue of over 3 billion yuan.

The province has an annual processing capacity of 50.57 million tons of wheat flour, 26.37 million tons of edible oil, and 28.71 million tons of grain deep processing. Its supply of grain and oil products ranks among the top in China.

Shandong has 10 of the top 50 prefecture-level cities in the grain industry economy and 18 of the top 100 counties.

The province has organized and encouraged local enterprises to participate in the China Grain Trade Conference, as well as other national exhibitions and inter-provincial trade fairs. It has also been ramping up efforts to boost the profile of the Shandong Grain and Oil Industry Expo.