In pics: Discover ancient village nestling in mountains

(| Updated : 2023-02-14

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Mengquan village is a quaint place nestling in the mountains in Taihe town – located in Zibo city, in East China's Shandong province.

The village was among the first batch of traditional Chinese villages that were listed in 2012.

Step back in time with its old houses, stone walls and gurgling springs – all witnesses to centuries of history. Let's check it out:


A magnificent view of the village in the mountains. [Photo/WeChat ID: zibowenhualvyou]


In picturesque Mengquan village, clear spring water flows along a path. In the light of the morning sun, the ancient village is often wreathed in a layer of mist. [Photo/WeChat ID: zibowenhualvyou]


Located to the west of the village, there's a 700-meters-high mountain. The Great Wall of Qi, looking like a dragon, lies astride the formation. [Photo/WeChat ID: zibowenhualvyou]


There is a rural museum in the village, enabling visitors to get a sense of what it is like to live the rural life. There are also homestays and camping sites for folks to enjoy a bucolic existence that is far from the noisy cities. [Photo/WeChat ID: zibowenhualvyou]