Australian expat falls in love with Binzhou

(| Updated : 2023-02-07

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Ashley from Australia, whose Chinese name is Li Ming, has been living and working in Binzhou, Shandong province for seven years and has fallen in love with the city.


Ashley poses for a photo at work in Binzhou. [Photo/Dazhong News]

Ashley said that he liked to watch tourism programs when he was young and was deeply attracted to the scenery and culture in China, which is why he decided to take a job in the country.

"My first impression of Binzhou is that it is a big city compared to my hometown, although Binzhou is not a big city in China," Ashley said. "When I first came here, I was trying to adapt and learn about Chinese culture and customs in various ways".

Despite initial discomfort, he has learned to blend in and "do as the Romans do" after years of studying.

"Now here I have my friends, colleagues and a pace of a comfortable life. I am deeply fascinated by the beauty of Chinese culture, such as Chinese kung fu, the local conditions of various ethnic groups, the historical development of China, and so on. The excellent traditional culture runs through all aspects of Chinese people's views on work, time and education," Ashley said.

He noted that he can truly feel the economic progress in Binzhou, and people's living standards have also improved a lot over the years.

"But the only constant is the local people in Binzhou, who have been very hospitable and helpful," he added.