SDU Students Achieve Fruitful Results in 8th China Intl College Students 'Internet +' Innovation, Entrepreneurship Competition

(| Updated : 2022-11-30

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Shandong University students won gold, silver, and bronze medals for 19 projects at the Eighth China International College Students "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which was held on Nov 21.

The four gold medal projects include an efficient sealing material project, which was led by SDU's president Li Shucai and Liu Rentai, professor of the School of Civil Engineering, an early micro-damage ultrasonic sensing system for load-bearing structures for high-speed trains, which was led by Jiang Mingshun, professor of the School of Control Science and Engineering, a pump-driven two-phase thermal control system led by Guo Chunsheng, professor of the School of Mechanical, Electrical, and Information, and a waste shell converted porous hydroxyapatite with excellent absorbance performance project led by Chen Jingdi, professor of the Marine College.

SDU laid emphasis on and paid efforts to the "Internet +" competition. The school gathered resources in disciplines, teaching, research, alumni, and enterprises to cultivate projects with potential and value to participate in the competition.

In addition, SDU integrated the competition with innovation, and formed a complete chain for projects to be developed, which included layout, cultivation, election, training, and improvement.

This year's competition attracted 14.5 million students from 4,554 universities from 111 nations and regions with 3.4 million projects.

In the future, SDU will take the competition as an opportunity to develop its practical education system for innovation and entrepreneurship, and to encourage young students to solve practical problems in the industry.


Photos show SDU's participants at the Eighth China International College Students "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. [Photo/Shandong University]