New Era Spring Story | Put happiness into the 'pocket'

(| Updated : 2022-10-11

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[Video/Publicity Department of Jinan Municipal Party Committee]

Granny Chunfeng said that her name is Han Shuzhen and she is 78 years old. Her online username is "Chunfeng". As an "internet expert" and a "community influencer", Granny Chunfeng's favorite daily activity is to go to a park and practice Xinjiang dance with her friends in the morning.

Now, she and her friends no longer have to worry about finding a place to dance. The pocket park not far from her home has become their "supreme headquarter".

"Close to home", "flat ground", "shade of trees", "place to rest" and "beautiful scenery"...The small pocket park meets all the needs of the elderly dance team. The dancing figures of grandmothers over 50 have also become a bright landscape in the pocket park.

Over the past decade, Jinan has promoted park construction as an important part of people's livelihood matters and the construction of "beautiful Jinan", and construct the ecological park and green area in line with local circumstances. At present, 85 open mountain parks and 659 pocket parks have been built. Until the end of this year, there will be 1153 parks with each area of more than 500 square meters in the city. Jinan has become a "city of thousands of parks" in China in name as well as in fact.