Shandong spurs green, low-carbon development

(| Updated : 2022-09-15

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Shandong, an important industrial base and strategic central economic development point in northern China, has been promoting green and low-carbon development.

The construction site of the Haier COSMOPlat Industrial Internet Ecological Park project is in full swing as bulldozers roar, and vehicles shuttle back and forth.

The project, funded by China's largest home appliance manufacturer Haier Group, has a total investment of 13 billion yuan ($1.85 billion). It started construction in July, and will be built into both a technology park for the whole industrial chain of home appliances and a national-level industrial internet park.

"From raw materials to finished home appliances, the project will optimize the whole industrial chain digital operations of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics and intelligent energy," said Zhou Yunjie, chairman and CEO of Haier.

The annual output value of the project is expected to reach 40 billion yuan when it is put into operation and it will inject strong vitality into regional high-quality development, according to local officials.

The State Council recently shared suggestions on how to help Shandong further its conversion of replacing old growth drivers with new ones and advancing green, low-carbon and high-quality development.

According to official statistics, the proportion of the "Four New Economy" (new technology, new business pattern, new development mode, and new industry) in Shandong GDP increased 10 percent from 2018 to 2021, reaching 31.7 percent in 2021.

Local officials noted that Shandong will continue to promote its low-carbon and green development modernization.