Shandong fuels high-quality development

(| Updated : 2022-09-06

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A mechanical arm is in operation at an automobile manufacturing factory in Qingzhou, Shandong province, Aug 27, 2022. [Photo/IC] 

Shandong province will continue to promote the shift from old growth drivers to new ones and promote green, low-carbon and high-quality development, according to local officials.

Shandong has an industrial system with complete categories, a solid foundation and a complete structure, which plays an important role in the national industrial and manufacturing blueprint.

The province will seize the opportunities of the booming digital economy and promote the integrated development of next-generation information technology and manufacturing, enable the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and foster new industries, new structures and models of business.

Achieving the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals are the intrinsic requirements of China's own high-quality development and a sole pledge to the international community. Shandong will unswervingly follow the path of modernization that prioritizes ecology and promotes green development.

Shandong is advocating green and low-carbon development, actively promoting solar, wind and other sources of renewable energy, and strengthening its sustainable development.

Guided by the philosophy that clean waters and green mountains are just as valuable as gold and silver, Shandong will continue to carry out conservation and systematic governance of its mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands and deserts.