Fig planation boosts rural vitalization in Tai'an

(| Updated : 2022-08-31

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Large figs ripen at Zehua ecological farm in Xizhangzhuang town in Tai'an. [Photo provided to]

More than 40,000 fig trees covering over 33.33 hectares are ripening at the Zehua ecological farm in Xizhangzhuang town in Tai'an, Shandong province.

The harvest period began in mid-July and lasts for five months until the New Year. This year's output is expected to be about 50 tons, and the output value is expected to reach 1.5 million yuan ($218,576.16).

Based on the advantages of photovoltaic greenhouse resources, Xizhangzhuang town has been improving the industrial layout and encouraging farmers to plant figs, which has helped increase farmers' incomes and boost rural vitalization.

The ecological farm plans to invest 200,000 yuan in fig baking equipment in order to conduct deep processing to expand the industrial chain, increase the added value, and further improve economic benefits.


Figs are sweet and seedless, rich in nutritional value, and have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. [Photo provided to]