Shandong: Digital economy enables high-quality development

(| Updated : 2022-07-27

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[Photo/Iqilu News]

In recent years, Shandong has seized the opportunities created by the latest round of a technological revolution and industrial transformation by speeding up efforts to harness the digital economy to boost high-quality development and bring innovation-driven growth to new heights.

Shandong province has been ramping up efforts to build a new infrastructure, strengthen the foundation of the digital economy, and generate new growth drivers.

Shandong plans to further promote building a computing infrastructure and an integrated system of big data centers this year, aiming to foster an efficient and green computing industry that can fuel the growth of the regional digital economy.

According to the provincial government's plan, by the end of this year, Shandong will build more than 30 new data centers, and by the end of the 2025, Shandong will create more than 50 new data centers.

Shandong aims to build a provincial-level node of the country's leading integrated big data center and a demonstration zone for the construction of the national industrial big data center system by 2025.

Recently, the Shandong Digital Economy Collaborative Development Center was inaugurated, aiming to build an ecosystem that supports and stimulates sustainable development of the digital economy.

The center will integrate industrial resources, develop application scenarios, and attract relevant scientific research institutions, industry experts, and leading enterprises to fuel the regional digital economy.