Zaozhuang promotes industrial innovation

(| Updated : 2022-07-21

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Zaozhuang in Shandong province has implemented a number of projects to enhance the city's capacity for innovation and deepening the strategy of "strengthening urban development through industrial innovation", local media reported.


The "industrial internet" town in Zaozhuang, Shandong province [Photo/Dazhong News]

For Zaozhuang, a traditional industrial base, to rise again, there is only one way - to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, improve the ability of independent innovation, and promote the transformation of old growth drivers into new ones through innovation, so as to achieve high-quality economic development, according to local officials.

The city has built "10 innovation platforms" to provide support for the innovation and development of enterprises, and has established strategic cooperative relations with more than 20 universities and scientific research institutes such as Zhejiang University.

The Zaozhuang branch of Shandong Institutes of Industrial Technology, the Zaozhuang Institute of Industrial Technology of Jinan University and other scientific innovation platforms are under construction in the city.

The city is further implementing its innovation-driven development strategy, with more measures expected to be launched that cover young talent recruitment, government support and extending internet penetration.

In recent years, a total of 506 high-level talents have been introduced to Zaozhuang, consolidating a strong think tank for the old industrial base to achieve development and rejuvenation.