Shandong advances standardized development

(| Updated : 2022-05-12

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A staff member works on the production line of a semiconductor manufacturer in Binzhou, Shandong province. [Photo by Chu Baorui/For China Daily] 

Shandong will open a new round of three-year national trials for innovative development in standardization, and strive to become a national hub for standardized development.

A slew of measures will be implemented to ensure the province realizes its long-term development goals through 2035.

With improvements to be made in the standardized management system, a market-driven, government-guided and enterprise-oriented standardized development pattern featuring mass participation, opening-up and integration will take shape in Shandong by 2035.

Since 2018, Shandong has carried out a three-year trial of comprehensive national standardization reform and achieved gratifying results, and provided important support for national standardization reform and innovation, said Tian Zhiying, an official from the provincial administration for market supervision.

"The standardization work can help Shandong master more rules, seize more discourse power and facilitate high-quality regional development with high standards," Tian added.

Shandong will support innovation, establish breakthrough core technology standards, and increase investment in key strategic standardization projects at the provincial level, said Li Yubin, an official from the provincial department of finance.

As a key link in the process for advanced industrial bases and the modernization of the industrial chain, standards can effectively improve the stability and competitiveness of the industrial and supply chain, Shandong officials said.

Shandong will implement a project to intensify 42 key industrial chains, foster and develop joint enterprise standards, and use standards to help smooth out the operation of industrial and supply chains.