Pingyin rose cultural festival kicks off

(| Updated : 2022-05-07

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The 2022 Pingyin Rose Cultural Festival and E-commerce Live Broadcast Season kicked off in Pingyin county, Jinan on May 6.

The event aims to promote rose culture with a series of online and offline activities including selling rose products online and online rose admiration activities to promote the county's rose culture.

A rose themed calligraphy exhibition, and an exhibition featuring rose-themed cultural creative products will also be launched online.

Pingyin is considered the home of Chinese roses owing to its unique geographical and geological conditions. Rose cultivation in the area can be traced back over 1,300 years.

Up to now, the county has a rose planting area spanning over 60,000 mu (4,000 hectares) and is home more than 60 rose processing enterprises, which develop over 139 varieties of rose-themed products.


A livestreaming activity is held during the 2022 Pingyin Rose Cultural Festival on May 6 to promote Pingyin's rose culture and products. [Photo/Jinan Daily]


Roses are in full bloom in Pingyin county, Jinan. [Photo/Jinan Daily]


A series of rose-themed cultural creative products are on display during the festival. [Photo/Jinan Daily]