Baili Yellow River Scenic Area

(| Updated : 2022-04-27

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The Baili Yellow River Scenic Area, located in the northern part of Jinan, Shandong province, is a comprehensive ecological and cultural park integrating landscape, ecological, cultural, sports and fitness tourism. The park has a planned area of 990 hectares with a total length of 51.98 kilometers. It was rated as a national AAA tourist attraction in 2019.

Along the Yellow River, the area boasts picturesque scenery such as blooming flowers and lush vegetation. The Yellow River Wetland Nature Reserve in the area also attracts a large number of wild birds including wild ducks, water ducks, egrets, cranes, and swans due to its good ecological environment.

Location: No 166, Huangcheng Road, Luokou subdistrict, Tianqiao district, Jinan


A sunset view is captured at Baili Yellow River Scenic Area. [Photo/Dazhong News]


The green area of Baili Yellow River Scenic Area stretches more than 40 square kilometers, and the vegetation remains green throughout the year. [Photo/Dazhong News]