Shandong to improve public sports service system

(| Updated : 2022-04-18

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This year, the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance will allocate 136 million yuan ($21.34 million) to support the improvement of the public sports service system and help build Shandong into a sporting powerhouse and strengthen the people's fitness, local media reported.

A total of 68 million yuan will be allocated to support the development of a national fitness infrastructure, including sports parks and fitness trails, and the improvement of national fitness facilities at the municipal, county, township and village levels to better meet people's daily fitness needs.

A total of 28 million yuan will be allocated to build a multi-tiered and diversified event system and foster regional sports brand events to attract more participants in the national fitness campaign.

Efforts will also be made to boost consumption in sports, and the province will allocate 10 million yuan to support seasonal sports consumption activities and the issuance of sports consumption vouchers.

Shandong has issued 5 million yuan of ice and snow sports vouchers, which directly boost the consumption in the sports industry by more than 24 million yuan.

In addition, a total of 30 million yuan will be allocated to support 63 public stadiums and gymnasiums that will open to the public free of charge or at low prices, and improve their operation and management capabilities and public services to ensure that people's demands for sports and fitness are met.

Exercise is an important way to improve people's health, and an important method to fulfill their aspirations for a better life, according to local officials, adding that Shandong will continue its efforts to build a higher-level public service system for fitness and physical activities.