Dongping to lead ecological protection, high-quality development in Yellow River basin

(| Updated : 2022-04-12

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A section of the ecological isolation zone around Dongping Lake in Dongping county, Tai'an. [Photo/Dzhong News]

Dongping county in Tai'an, Shandong province aims to build itself into a demonstration area for ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin, according to Ma Huanjun, Party secretary of the county.

In recent years, Dongping county has taken actions like building the ecological isolation zone around Dongping Lake, clearing obstacles, and regulating boats, as well as adhered to the entire areas ecological management measures such as supplying water to mountains, restoring mines, and restoring ecological wetlands to boost the ecological development in the county.

On March 1, Dongping county launched a series of new projects, including a road-railway-waterway intermodal logistics park project and an ecological agriculture project at Dongping Lake, which proves that Dongping county will develop industries based on ecology and stick to green development.

For sustainable development, Dongping county adheres to the principle of green development and focuses on green building materials, headquarters enterprises, and food processing industries to create fine machine-made sand, industrial parks with assembly-type architectures, and expand the green building materials industrial chain.

In addition, Dongping county will fully develop the modern logistics industry, including building a road-railway-waterway intermodal logistics system and forming a multi-directional traffic pattern that will be integrated into the provincial capital economic circle and the integrated development of Jinan and Tai'an.