Charming Yantai: coastal wonderland

(| Updated : 2022-04-06

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Clouds and mist drift over Yantai, turning the coastal city into a fairyland. [Photo/WeChat ID: yantaifabu]

Yantai, a coastal city in East China's Shandong province, is surrounded by mountains and the sea and has a picturesque landscape.

Yantai, a gem on the eastern Shandong Peninsula, boasts some spectacular coastal beauty, including glistening blue waters, beautiful skies, bright sunshine, golden beaches, stunning off-shore islands, and fresh seafood and wine.

According to a list produced by the China Institute of City Competitiveness, the city was placed first among the most featured tourist cities in China. It has also been awarded the country's most livable city.


Rising waves crash into the causeway in Yantai. [Photo/WeChat ID: yantaifabu]


People play on the beach and in the sea in Yantai. [Photo/WeChat ID: yantaifabu]