Best places for strawberry picking in Tai'an

(| Updated : 2022-03-02

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Spring is the best season to eat strawberries. Here are some recommended places for people to pick fresh strawberries in Tai'an, East China's Shandong province.

1. Zhuzhu Farm

As a long-standing strawberry farm in Tai'an, the farm has introduced new strawberry varieties, such as the white strawberry, to give tourists a wider range of options.


In Tai'an, Zhuzhu Farm is a nice place to go strawberry picking. [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

2. Shanggao Farm

The strawberries on the farm are grown organically, without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and have a delicious, fresh flavor.


Shanggao Farm, located in Tai'an, East China's Shandong province, provides fresh and organic strawberries.[Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

3. Delaimei Strawberry Kingdom

Delaimei Strawberry Kingdom offers a lovely atmosphere and a wide variety of strawberries, allowing you to experience the taste of sweet strawberries while taking in the natural landscape of the farm. The farm, which has grown to four times its initial size, can now accommodate hundreds of guests at once.


Delaimei Strawberry Kingdom [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

4. Yejiazhuang Ecological Leisure Scenic Spot

Yejiazhuang Ecological Leisure Scenic Spot is another good choice to pick strawberries in Tai'an, and from December last year to May is the peak picking season.


Strawberries grow vigorously in Yejiazhuang Ecological Leisure Scenic Spot. [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]